For Brooklyn

I was born and raised in this beautiful city. My family came here in 1992 from Azerbaijan, a little country above Iran. We come from a small population of descendants of Persian Jews, with roughly 200,000 people in the world ethnically like myself. Out of all the places in the world, my family ended up in Brooklyn, NY. That's what is so amazing about this city.

When COVID started I watched my city suffer. So many communities left abandoned, so many people struggling. I myself had lost a job and decided I want to start something of my own. I have always loved watching my mother cook- I would tell her I wanted to be a chef when I grow up. Food brings people together and that's something that has always meant so much to me. My only goal was that, no matter what I do, I make sure that it gives back to my city. Thats why bklynsaus was created.

I love my home. I truly believe there is no place as magical as Brooklyn. I hope that, wherever you are, bklynsaus has you fall in love with my city, too.

-Manya Yeva, Founder, bklynsaus